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Custom sliding door to hot tub area

Outside of the sliding door

Bay Laurel and Mild Steel Kitchen Island

24 foot long outdoor table
80 year old Tamarack from a grain mill in Idaho

Another view of this enormous table


Placing the beams










One of a kind creations. Built to last generations. Using unusual materials.

For the last 15 years I have been using my knowledge of metal working and my love of beautiful wood to build some interesting pieces.
My eye for design is a little different. I love the feel of wood and the function of metal. I use metal to support and showcase amazing pieces of wood. Wood that is reclaimed and reused. Finding that special piece of wood for the top or discovering some piece of metal in the back of a barn, that's the spark !!

In addition to artwork, I do stainless steel welding and
fabrication for the wine industry.

I can be reached at 707-696-0512 or

The communal table at Della Fattoria
California Walnut and Steel

Custom Night stand
Cherry and Stainless Steel

Computer desk
4" thick Mahogany, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel

Stainless Steel Dining Table

Looking down

Custom loft enclosure with gears that turn and lock for child safty

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